Our 7 Essentials

Essentials needed for the journey of being disciples and making disciples:

  1. Community of Worship – Living life together in a community focused on relationship with God as demonstrated by Jesus.
  2. Stewardship – Aligning our time, talents, and resources with God’s heart as demonstrated by Jesus.
  3. Prayer – Learning to listen and follow God’s Spirit as demonstrated by Jesus
  4. Word and Spirit – Learning God’s word and following the Holy Spirit as demonstrated by Jesus.
  5. Mission – Serving our family, community, and world with our God-given gifts as demonstrated by Jesus.
  6. Multiplication – Teach and make disciples as demonstrated by Jesus.
  7. Shabbot Shalom – (Hebrew for “rest” and “peace”) – Create times of rest and peace in our lives to maintain balance in the discipleship journey as demonstrated by Jesus.
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The Bridge is a new church serving the community of Portage and Kalamazoo. We're here to be disciples and make disciplesbe bridges and make bridgesbe one | make one. Jesus was a bridge between God and humanity and He has asked us to continue His work: building bridges to the world. Browse through our website to learn more about us and see how you can join with The Bridge community in serving God's kingdom!


August Series

For five weeks we'll be unpacking the differences of some of the world's religions. Do all religions teach the same thing?
While there are similarities, can we conclude that all religions lead to the same ‘God’ but just use different names and methods?  Get ready for a very informative month as we respectfully discuss this important topic.