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What are Life Groups?

We are passionate about having people be authentically connected with a group of friends who will share life, grow in faith, and actively influence our community.  That is why we build everying in The Bridge around our Life Groups.

These groups of 6-14 people, meet weekly, study scripture, pray for each other, and "do life" together.  They are designed to be multi-generational, mixed gendered, and keep people and families together in a growing discipleship relationship.

In order to Be One|Make One, people are encouraged to move through our four phases of Life Groups.

1. Starting Point

Starting Point is all about sharing your story, building community, and finding your place in God's story. Groups meet in homes, workplaces, and community hot-spots all across the area and engage in honest, real-life discussions around an easy-to-follow guide book.

2. Next Step

Once you have learned about God's story, you will experientially discover how God has uniquely created you to hear His voice. Using many different resources, Phase 2 participants will be challenged to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit and to intensify prayer in their lives.

3. Talmidim [Disciples]

Phase 3 is a culmination of the Life Group journey as you begin to transformationally follow Jesus and serve in His Kingdom. Just like Jesus' discples, Talmidim groups spend time living life together, but just as often go out and serve God in the world. Participants will focus on living out the Seven Essentials, discovering spiritual gifts and learning how to share their faith.

4. Missional Living

Phase 4 is simply groups that continue to support one another as they intentionally live and serve in a missional way.