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 Glossary of Terms used at The Bridge

  • "Be One. Make One." - Our Vision: be disciples and make disciples; be bridges and make bridges.
  • The B.O.O. – (Acronym: Bridge Operational Overseers) – An appointed group of leaders who govern the organization of The Bridge made up of Operators and Overseerers.
  • Bridge Builder - A person who has made a public commitment to Jesus and to live out the Bridge's seven essentials (see definition below) here in The Bridge community.
  • Bridge Kids - The Sunday morning and Saturday night Life Group (see definition below) for school-age kids (K through 5th grade) at the “7200 campus” (see definition below).
  • Community Impact Weekend - Twice a year when the entire Bridge Church is sent out to serve our community. Projects are available Saurday night and Sunday mornings.
  • Connection Card - A card distributed each Sunday morning and Saturday night that helps The Bridge connect to people, and people connect to The Bridge
  • Essentials (The Seven Essentials) - The essential items needed for the journey of being disciples and making disciples.
    • Community of Worship – Living life together in a community focused on relationship with God as demonstrated by Jesus.
    • Stewardship – Aligning our time, talents, and resources with God’s heart as demonstrated by Jesus.
    • Prayer – Learning to listen and follow God’s Spirit as demonstrated by Jesus
    • Word and Spirit – Learning God’s word and following the Holy Spirit as demonstrated by Jesus.
    • Mission – Serving our family, community, and world with our God-given gifts as demonstrated by Jesus.
    • Multiplication – Teach and make disciples as demonstrated by Jesus.
    • Shabbot Shalom – (Hebrew for “rest” and “peace”) – Create times of rest and peace in our lives to maintain balance in the discipleship journey as demonstrated by Jesus.
  • The Lobby - Our lobby area designed to be the connection point for life at The Bridge.
  • Life Group - A small community of 10-12 people who meet regularly to live life together, worship together, and serve together.  At its most mature stage this group is a "house church."
  • Talmid - Hebrew for Disciple
  • Talmidim - Hebrew for Disciples
  • 7200 "Seventy-Two Hundred" - (The address on Angling Road) The campus that The Bridge uses as a meeting place and ministry tool.