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Operation Starfish

Visit the Operation Starfish website to learn more about Operation Starfish.

We are starting Operation: STARFISH in the strategic area of Uganda, Africa. We work in partnership with an indigenous ministry called Good News Ministries, led by Pastor Solomon Mwesige.
Operation: STARFISH is about working in key areas that have been researched and identified as strategic points to bring about physical, social and spiritual health. The following 5 “arms” represent activity currently happening on the ground that will continue to expand and regenerate with financial gifts and time:

Project HYDRO: Clean Water – After putting in our first well with our partner it has become obvious that the digging of wells in other villages will drastically increase goodness in a community. Water-born illnesses not only cause sickness and death, but also keep students from going to school and breaking the cycle of poverty.
Project Hydro
Our goal: To put in 50 new wells in 50 villages in the next 5 years.
How to Give:

Project TALENTS: Micro-businesses – Giving people opportunities to work and generate income is another “arm” that is necessary to increase goodness. $250US can be all the investment capital needed for a family to start a business that will provide a return that can be reinvested and provide a continuous, long-term income for life. Regeneration.
Our goal: In the next 2 years start 50 new micro-businesses that maintain a success rate over 85% and give back to a loan fund to start more micro-businesses.
How to Give: $250= 1 micro-business that will support 1 family indefinitely.

Project FLOURISH: Church Planting – It is important to reach the whole person, which is why new churches need to be started in other villages. The church becomes the epicenter of transformation, bringing goodness to a community spiritually, socially and physically. In conjunction with digging wells we want to plant churches in villages. The average church plant in the United States needs well over $100,000 to begin. In Uganda we are able to start a church for $5000.
Our goal: To plant 50 new churches in 50 villages in the next 5 years.
How to Give: $50=1 mission share in a church plant – reaching an entire village. 100 mission shares will plant an entire ministry in a village. What share percentage of a new church is God calling you to give?

Project SOW: Kingdom Farm – We are building a farm in Uganda that will house over 2000 chickens, 100 pigs, Tilapia fish and gardens of fruits and vegetables, including mango trees. Initial start up cost for buildings and livestock are $20,000. Initial projections from this farm indicate the profits will be able to sustain teacher salaries and medical clinic personnel whose services mostly benefit orphans. Project Sow
Our goal: To build a farm of 2000 chickens and 100 pigs that generate an income of $60,000US a year beginning in 2013.
How to Give: Chickens can be given in honor of someone’s birthday or Christmas. 1 chick=$1. Buy a dozen. 1 pig=$50. Buy a pair.

Project CHALKBOARD: Education and Justice Advocacy – Currently Good News Ministries has a school of over 800 students, many who are orphans. The school teaches 800 and feeds over 1500 children each day. There are 14 teachers on staff. Every orphan hopes for an advocate to sponsor them and give them a chance at education and a full life. We seek this just alignment for every person to have this opportunity, and use these opportunities to break the cycle of poverty and bless their community. In addition, with all of the churches being planted and students being educated we hope to create a Bible College “arm” to equip those who want to give back to others and bring goodness in every sphere.
Our goal: To sustain and expand the school resources and build a new Bible College with 50 new students entering training in the next 2 years.
How to Give: K-12 students can be sponsored for $30 a month. This includes education and a meal every day. You will receive a picture and updates from your sponsored student periodically. Bible College students can be sponsored for $300. This includes education, books, lodging and food for 3 months (students will be onsite for 3 months and home for 3 months, hoping to be in school 6 months and applying their training the other 6 months in their home village). $600 can support a Bible College student for an entire year.

*100% of your donation goes directly to support the “arm” to which you give. Administrative costs and duties are donated by the bridge ministries.